Programme and Approach

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A set of participatory methods will be adopted throughout the 2nd FES European Autumn Academy. Therefore, the Autumn Academy will include different phases, starting with an intensive research and continued with study trips and interviews, which leads to an interactive phase: Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is an approach to creative problem solving. The basic idea of Design Thinking is that particular real interdisciplinary teams can create outstanding innovations. The Design Thinking Process aims to bring together different possible experiences, opinions and perspectives on a problem.

The Design Thinking process is best thought of as a system of overlapping spaces rather than a sequence of orderly steps. There are three spaces to keep in mind: inspiration, ideation, and implementation. Inspiration is the problem or opportunity that motivates the search for solutions. Ideation is the process of generating, developing, and testing ideas. Implementation is the path that leads from the project stage into people’s lives.

Design Thinking is a deeply human process that taps into abilities we all have but get overlooked by more conventional problem-solving practices. It relies on our ability to be intuitive, to recognize patterns, to construct ideas that are emotionally meaningful as well as functional, and to express ourselves through means beyond words or symbols.